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Hi! I'm Carleigh, creator and host of Toxic Workplace.  As a business professional, I have encountered several toxic work environments during my career. It wasn't until I found myself at a company that was truly supportive of its people that I was able to realize just how destructive a company culture can be; not only for the livelihood of one's aspirations but also the mental and physical effect it has on the employees.

This podcast was created to give employees a voice; the voice that HR wouldn't listen to because of deep rooted company politics, misuse of power, or a lack of leadership. This show gives a platform to the employee that was never allowed a last word, or who's words had no value to management. Sound familiar? Contact me below. I would love to hear your story. 

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Listen to my interview with Brandon Chadwick on the Narcissist Apocalypse podcast:


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